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Note that fanfiction is no longer being posted on livejournal. It is all on my other fanfiction accounts and in one place on my fanfiction page on tumblr.


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last updated: december 5, 2016

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Charles just wanted to do something special for his roommate. It was just doing the dishes and making the place smell nice. Of course, with his luck, it's no wonder that it backfired the way that it did.
{1,545 Words} {For writerverse} {College Roommates!AU ; Charles/Erik}

Charles Xavier was not the ideal roommate. He knew and acknowledged that but there wasn't that much he could do to change it. Of course, in the beginning, he'd tried which had apparently been mistake after mistake. When he'd tried to do the laundry, he'd nearly caught the dryer on fire.Collapse )

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+ Six months since I've updated. In that time I've basically completely migrated over to tumblr. I also still post fics but they're all predominantly over there. I did make a fanfiction page that has links to ao3/fanfiction.net/tumblr, wherever the fic is located. I'm pretty sure nobody on here was specifically for my fanfiction though.

+ I'd like to get back into writing more. I haven't in ages. I joined the CrissColfer Big Bang on tumblr and the deancasbigbang on here. I've been RPing but it's not quite the same.

+ I'll be in a new apartment on May 14th and I'm so excited. Finally. Freedom.

+ I'm not really coming back to livejournal. I wish that there was some sort of tumblr/livejournal love child for the best of both worlds but for now, I am pretty much completely on tumblr. I am doing my best to be more involved and will be slowly rejoining land comms. When I took my hiatus before it was never meant to be as permanent as it became.

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So... I haven't been on in ages. Life has been busy to say the least. Two new jobs. School. Medical stuff. Family stuff. I've gone through everything there really is. I haven't been on the computer really at all, just on my phone lately.

I would like to try to get back on. I owe apologies to a lot of people. I know that and I am really sorry for what I kind of abandoned. I'm really only on the computer to look up classes for next term, though, and otherwise won't really be on. Most days I either have school then work or just double shifts.

I'll probably be around to post a few fics I've written on my phone lately. I hope that everybody has a great Thanksgiving and I'll try to really be back full-time at the start of the new year. I already have a lot of resolutions that I want.

So, if anybody that I owe an apology to sees this, I'm sorry. I'll send out personalized ones soon. For now, I'm truly exhausted and have school and work tomorrow.

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Title; Like a Teen Movie
Fandom; Glee RPF
Words; 2655 Words
Rating; PG
Warnings; Swearing
Characters; Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Prompt; Highschool!Crisscolfer + 7 Minutes In Heaven. They’re seniors from different schools that end up at the same party. at Daily CrissColfer Prompts on Tumblr.
Summary; Chris isn't the type to be at a crazy high school party on a Friday night. But he's here and apparently playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with a not straight guy from a Catholic private school across town.

ao3 | Tumblr

What if this guy is homophobic? Or worse… what if he's going to kiss him? He wonders if this is how people feel in teen movies and then he wants to laugh because could he get any more ridiculous. Chris steps into the closet.Collapse )

Current Mood: stressed - so much to do
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+ So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy with my little sister. It was pretty good. I wasn't expecting to like the characters as much as I actually did although they still weren't quite as loveable as phase one characters are. I did appreciate the light romance although I'm not sure I understood the vast appeal of Rocket (although I understand why other people might). I always appreciate kickass female characters.

+ I started my classes earlier. Just child development and intro to sociology for now. English will start in two weeks and math will start two weeks after that. I like sociology, like the teacher and while I was thinking I'd just take intro since it doesn't really fit what degree I'm going for, I think I might take a few more classes with him. I do so love debating rights with people. Child development, the teacher is not quite... well, I didn't connect with her as much. Hopefully it'll turn out better. Let's say that during our hour and fifteen minute class, she ranted about plagiarism for 20 minutes and spent another 10 minutes on how she wanted her essays formatted. I will reserve judgement though as long as she's a good teacher.

+ Job hunting is basically hell on earth. As is filling out applications and sending in my resume. I'd like to find something that tips well since I was told repeatedly on the ship what a great job I do socializing so I think I could do a pretty good job on that aspect. Whatever I get, as long as I get decent hours it'll be fine. I worked my school hours so that I'd have good hours to work (I'm done at 3 on Monday and Wednesday and noon on Friday).

+ My ankle hurts like a bitch. The doctors have x-rayed it twice and told me that it's not broken. The doctor here told me it's tendonitis and told me to keep off it or brace it, etc. However, I'm not sure it's still supposed to hurt this way. I'm not saying that it's broken but I'd like for something to be done about it. I guess we'll see. I'm probably going to screw it up since I can't stay off of it as I need a job to support the fam and go to school. But I'm staying off of it otherwise as much as I can.

+ I feel bad about it but honestly I've moved away from livejournal and really fandom in general since people have moved away from livejournal. I don't see much fandom appeal on tumblr. I like live-blogging Glee when I watch it live (sometimes I don't because come on fuck Glee) but it's not as interactive and most of the fun of fandom has been taken away from me. I'll still cross-post but eh.

+ With that, I haven't been writing much lately. I feel like crap because I got so behind on my writing while on the ship and now I'm worried about catching up. But, I'm doing what I can and trying to write as much as I can. My friend looked through the prompts I have bookmarked and gave me a few to focus on so I'm trying to focus on those and maybe it'll make me want to write again. Plus I have a few fests and big bangs that I need to finish. So yeah. I'm probably going to work on those maybe.

+ I want to start my recs again. I'm going to try. We'll see if I manage.

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20 icons for a special round at couples20in20 (icon any couple from your fandom).

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Title; A Superhero's Weakness
Fandom; The Incredibles
Words; 1984 Words
Rating; R
Warnings; Graphic sex (fingering, semi-public), dub-con
Characters; Violet Parr/Syndrome
Prompt; A couple years after the movie, of course, so that Violet is at least at a respectable age and has started her own career as a superhero. So yeah. Surprise encounter between the two, semi-public place, fingering. by Anonymous at disney_kink
Summary; Violet doesn't know how she ended up here, panties around her knees and Syndrome's fingers up her skirt.
Notes; Uh-HUH. Well. I've missed writing and apparently this is the first thing I actually got out in ages. Sorry.

Fanfiction.net | ao3

Her breath catches as Syndrome trails a finger down her side, slipping under her skirt and she can feel the warmth of his skin through her tights. He shoves the remote into his pocket so that he can wrap his other hand around her neck.Collapse )

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